Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween: Spooky Spider Edition.

I have such a love-hate relationship with Halloween. I love the candy (even though the free phase of this has passed for me, there are still Reese's pumpkins!) and the getting ready and all dressed up, but I missed the whole necessity of the slutty Halloween costume. HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE PNEUMONIA? I just don't understand when that happened and why it continues. And though this tries to clear it up (warning - not totally appropriate- you've been warned, Mum), I'm always disillusioned when every year I think I'll find something wearable only to be faced with swimsuits disguised as characters. And so I've been pretty resourceful with a black dress repurposed from my bridesmaid dress when I was in my cousin's wedding.

I'm in the too-big pink dress.
First I was a vampire. And this was ahead of the vampire obsession so I feel better about that.

And then I was Batman.

And now? Here's the inspiration:
From pinterest, with no source link. Gah!
The make-up comes after the costume though. I need a way to turn myself into a spider. I picked up two pairs of opaque black tights and a pair of long black gloves, both for cheap on Amazon. I also need the two-day shipping to make-up for my delay in costume searching. I started by cutting of the waist part of the tights and stuffing them with newspaper. I then stitched them onto the back of the dress with loose stitches (per my track record, I'd probably be wearing the dress again). I didn't want my additional legs to just be flopping though, so I took a length of thread and started at the lowest 'leg' and made a knot. I then threaded the line up through the second 'leg,' made another knot, and then took the string up to just below the wrist of the glove and made the final knot.

And now I'm bouncing back to the make-up. My roommate and I couldn't do the spiderweb across my entire eye without it looking clownish. We also kept breaking our eyeliners, which probably didn't help. But we finally got a web we both liked and agreed didn't look too wonky. 

And here's the final product! And my best spider pose, which could use some work.

My legs made it most of the night. One side came unattached from my arm after that final play in the Ohio State game (to beat Wisconsin!!), so it was okay. All in all, not too shabby for the dress that keeps on Halloween-ing.


  1. That is awesome and the eyes look fantastic!!!

  2. Thank you!! It took a lot of trial and error - my eyes were rubbed raw after so many mistakes that we had to stop and wait a bit before trying again! hahahaa.


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