Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reupholstering, or passing off the job.

I've had this stool probably since I was 13.

It's held me while I've done homework and make-up for high school dances, talked on the phone past my allotted time, and then served the same purpose for my sister during her high school years, while I was at college.

And it's seen better days.

The white fabric was keeping its whiteness from a distance, but it was very pill-y up close, and you could see traces of face powder, outlines of water stains from trying to hand clean it, and just better days. An upholstering was long overdue. The small deterrent was that I had no idea how to approach this stool.

But I got some courage one evening, and started pulling out the kagillion staples.

There were staples to hold in staples. This thing was insane. And the legs were held in with these funky hexagon screws. My steam ran out fast.

And then Hurricane Irene came to visit the DC area to wrap up 'Natural Disaster Week.' I was planning on hunkering down and wading it out (get it?! flooding? hahaha), but my mum would not stop calling the day before it was to hit, and she was worried, and my aunt and 8-month+ pregnant cousin were leaving the area for my parent's house, so I headed home, and grabbed my stool. It's not that my stool was my most prized possession that I needed in the event of a flood, but my aunt is an awesome seamstress/decorator/designer/crafter, and I wanted her opinion and help on tackling this. I knew she wouldn't have much else to distract her, so I would be able to corner her. And she's hard to corner - she's had my mum's chair and a half and ottoman for over a year, ready to reupholster, but it's fallen to the wayside of my aunt's multitude of other projects and weddings that she decorates. So this was my golden opportunity.

So my aunt helped me pick out some thread, upholstery needles, cording, and other materials. We finished taking out the staples, and used the white fabric as a pattern for my new fabric. And then she took over. Honestly. I have no pictures of the process. I ran out to drop something off for my mum, and came back and she had the top. She had me cut strips for the cording, and then that was done. 

Wam bam.

I love the fabric. It was at JoAnn's, and with a lovely discount from their ever-present coupons. It's called Button Blooms, from the Waverly Modern Essentials Fabric line. The blues and greens compliment my bedspread wonderfully.

I really lucked out with the legs. They were a good strong wood, and nice, so I was able to stain them and then cover them with two coats of varnish. I didn't like the idea of fabric-wrapped legs (and how hard would that be?!), so I'm thanking my lucky stars. 

And while taking these pictures in my parent's dining room, my sister's cat beast decided the stool was getting a little too much attention.

Really. This boy is such a baby.

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  1. Sam that looks awesome. I love the vibrant colors! Totally you. I laughed so hard at the last pic with the cat! LOL Glad you made it through Irene. Thinking of you. xoxox


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