Monday, September 12, 2011

Necklace Board.

My sister made me a beautiful jewelry tree, and I love it. But I've gotten to the point that I have too many necklaces, and not enough necks. Ha. Really, I just don't have enough time in the morning to untangle the knots they tie themselves into on either side and pick one that matches.

So I turned to pinterest for some ideas on a separate necklace holder.

I was liking this idea of the frame around the holder (and I've since lost the link).

I was bouncing this idea as well, but didn't like the idea of a towel rail installation in my transient status of renting (from here).

Rather, I loved an eclectic mix of knobs (again, lost the link).

So I started my hybrid.

I bought a frame from Marshall's for $10, and popped out the glass and matting. I bought a piece of 1/4" birch, and my dad cut it into a 10X20 inch piece to fit the frame. It should be said that my dad had the board cut when I came home for a visit, without me reminding him - awesome! Thanks, Dad! Moving on - I then painted the birch with two coats of white. I let that dry, then used some painter's tape and taped out some haphazard lines. Then I spray painted two coats of yellow on the wood.

I let that dry, taped some more lines, then spray painted some grey on top of that.

And after some drying time and tape peeling, I had this:

Lovely! But still not done.

I flipped the board over, and played around with the knobs and some necklaces for placement. I sketched out my x's for drilling, and got to it.

Lastly, I flipped the board over and started screwing in the knobs. My dad was super helpful in cutting the screws to the smaller length required by the thin board.

And voila!

I got the knobs from everywhere and anywhere: two Home Depots, one Lowes, one Busy Beaver, and my dad's shed.

And with all the necklaces - Ta Da!

And it'd working! I've worn three different necklaces on three different days to work last week.

And I apologize for the spotty pictures in the tutorial. I was working on this project the same day that I was helping my dad dig four 30-inch holes for posts for our deck roof project. And we used this beast for that job:

This two-man agar gave me bruises and soreness in muscles I didn't know existed. Well, this, and the digging bar and sledgehammer combination we used to break up the rock in some of the holes. The 90 degree heat and humidity didn't help either. Yoi.

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