Thursday, September 8, 2011


Tropical Storm Lee didn't want Natural Disaster Week to end without his participation.

This is the parking garage across the street - full of water. 

And this is the street outside my plan.


So my roomie and I walked past the cops and firemen to the top of the bridge.

This was the view to the right - water up and over the cars.

And this is the  view from the bridge. This is usually a very busy road.

Yup, that's a blow-up boat, rescuing people trapped in their SUV.

I'm all okay here, and so is the Vibe-ster. Fingers crossed for no more water overnight!

And if it's not raining tomorrow, I'll upload a picture of this in the daytime, when it's dry.

As promised, here's some perspective shots:

This is the area behind the hotel, where the boat was getting people from the car - and that's the top of said car. The background has a nice trash heap of debris, too.

Whew. Glad it all cleaned up in a day!

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