Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winnie the Pooh and his endless wisdom.

Here's my bathroom:

I'm going for the yellow and grey, but am held back by the apartment's no paint rule. The flower picture was always a placeholder in my mind. I got caught in the let's-make-every-picture-a-canvas frenzy after I loved my first canvas so much. Here's my first picture-printed-on-a-canvas: 

It's my grandpa's pond in Michigan, and the photo was taken by my sister. I absolutely adore it. 

So anyway, after that, I was on a canvas kick. And then I got a deal on livingsocial. Well, I couldn't think of anything to print, and the coupon was about to expire, so I got the flower, as my bathroom needed something. I didn't want that size of picture, I didn't want it to be on a 1-inch frame and mirror wrapped, but that's how it was offered, and this was a serious canvas addiction. I think it just needed to say 'canvas' and I would've bought anything at the time.

Well now, it really just wasn't working for me.

So I fixed it:
And I should have closed the toilet seat. Sorry!

I made myself a canvas! I didn't paint over the old one, but made a JoAnn's project out of it. And I'm much happier.

I'm not 100percent on the writing and paint thickness of the letters and whatnot. Some of the letters need to be traced again to be a bit brighter. Opinions?

And do you get the title now? No? That's a Winnie the Pooh quote that I painted. That tubby little cubby is a genius.

And this project was super easy. And a little therapeutic. I've trace the letters a few times, and it's a wonderful night time activity.

I got a blank canvas from JoAnn's (it's 12 inches wide, and I'm not positive how tall). I painted the canvas with a few coats of FolkArt acrylic paint in Metallic Gunmetal Grey. I would let the canvas sit for a day before I went with a few more coats, to accurately judge it in different lights. And then I measured out how I wanted my wording, used a fold of the newspaper as my straight edge, and painted the words with the stencil, with the stamps, or with my own freehand. The yellow paint is JoAnn Craft Essentials in Bright Yellow. It needs a few coats/tracings on top of the grey, but the fade it sort of gives on the edges is growing on me.

I based my layout on this quote I pinned on pinterest

And the glass bottles?!
A total steal from the West Elm sales rack this weekend - $6/each! I was so excited. Except that I stopped in West Elm first and then had to lug heavy glass all over the mall. But I didn't trust they'd be there (there's a lot of glass fiends in the mall on Sundays - that was my thought). Ha.

And even better? My sister loves the flower canvas. Housewarming present! So - cheap bathroom upgrade and housewarming present, for the win. 

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