Friday, August 5, 2011

Jersey Bracelet Tutorial

I made some of these bracelets a while ago, but I thought I'd give my version of the tutorial because I didn't follow the one I tried anyway.

You start with a 60-inch long piece of jersey, about 1-inch wide.

Start with the material wrapping behind your ring finger with about three-inches of slack falling toward your thumb and the rest falling in front of your pinkie and to the left.

Next, wrap the slack on the left around your pinkie and around your ring finger, leaving the slack to fall to the left again.

Then, wrap the piece around your pinkie and ring finger, with the slack falling to the left behind the pinkie again. I grabbed the 3-inch piece in my thumb in this picture, but nothing is happening with that

This is the trickiest step to show in a picture. You want the bottom individual loops at the base of the fingers to be brought over the top loop over both of the fingers. Be careful not to lose the top loop (that is across both fingers). This picture is mid-step. The individual loop over the pinkie has been stretched over the wider loop, but the one one my ring finger has not.
After pulling the individual loops over the wider loop, you'll have two individual loops again. Then wrap the slack from your pinkie to your ring finger with the slack falling to the left and repeat the process of pulling the individual loops over the wider loop.
 A braid will start to form between and behind your fingers.
 When you're at the end of the material, the last little bit of a tail will be threaded through the loops still on your fingers. I do pull tight between the loops, but I didn't realize I was turning my finger purple!
 This is another view of the tail about to be threaded through the loops.
 And I'm still threading.
Finally, tie the two ends together, pulling tight. Trim the extra slack.
And there you have it! The blue and yellow were made from jersey material bought from JoAnn's, and the green was made from a cut-up old shirt. The perfect three-dimensional braid bracelet for summer. 

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