Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dress Rebirth.

I think white dresses were a trend a year ago. I say I think because I'm usually a tidge bit behind, and I have been known to make things like this up.

Sidenote: it must be a gene from my mother. In the car today, she said, 'I heard no one wants Pryor because he's untrainable.' To which I said, 'Where did you hear that?' Mum: 'Oh, I didn't.' Me: 'What? Did you just make that up?' Mum: 'Well, yes, but it could be true.' Me: 'Yes, it could be true, but it could also be just as true that he is quite trainable.' Oy.

So anyway. I might be totally imagining the white dress trend. It may have just been a trend in my closet.

But this summer, I've been paying more attention to what I'm wearing. I'm sure there is a good amount in my closet that never gets to see the light of day because they're not in the rotation. I'm fixing this with a tip from a friend - I set up my hangers to all face the same direction, and when I wear something, wash it, and hang it back up, then I face the hanger in the opposite direction. I'm forced to think about what I'm wearing and to mix it up. It's horrible. I like my comfortable usual things. But I'm finding things, like I have four white dresses. Living in DC, I try to wear dresses as often as possible between April and October. It's a little extra breathing room in this killer humidity. But four white dresses was a little limiting in the wearable months. I don't follow the no-white-after-whenever, but the surprise rain storms in the spring/summer do keep me from the white, so the more months I could get out of a dress, the better.

And, how cute is this look:

Someone buy me mustard tights!

So, here's my dress before:

It has pockets! And, most importantly, it fits nicely. And, even better, it was $15 at JCPenney.

And here's the after:
 It's navy, though I couldn't get a picture that was fully convincing.

Here's the up-close on the detail. Isn't it weird that the thread turned out like that?

I had tailored the straps on this with a zig-zag stitch, but it wasn't a super quality job because the dress was white and the thread was white. But in this weird thread-dye color, the shotty job was much more obvious. Mum helped me out with a hidden stitch. You can't even see it in this picture!

The process was super easy. I bought two bottles of RIT liquid dye in navy blue, because navy is a dark color and I wanted the dress to be navy, not the faded version of navy. I followed the instructions on the bottles, from the super hot water, to the cup of salt. I soaked the dress in hot water before putting it in the dye/water/salt mix, and stirred for fifteen minutes. I then held the dress under the dye by sticking random bottles in the mix to hold the dress down. I would remove the bottles and stir every 15 minutes. I left the dress in the dye for an hour total. Then I rinsed it out, threw it in the washer for some more rinsing, and let it dry in the sun.

And now, I can't wait for fall!


  1. So mustard tights huh.... what size?

  2. Pahaha. Well, the first issue is that I hate tights - I hate my toes being all smooshed together. So I'm looking for mustard leggings so my feet can be free and they won't be falling down all day. Maybe a medium? Not totally positive...


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