Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cross-stitch fever.

I said that in my head to the tune of Cat-scratch Fever (fever!) - my dad's music tastes really had a much deeper effect in my childhood that is really becoming apparent now.

Anyway. I've been behind on my crafty and the projects I want to get into, and I blame my sister. We made a run to JoAnn's last week in the midst of some errands, and she spots something. The damage was done as soon as she opened her mouth to say, 'If I were a baby, I'd really want this.'

This was my project:

And here's where I'm at now:

So I'm playing catch-up, and hoping Stephie was right as I curse her under my breath (kidding!) when I stab myself with the sharp needle (why did this kit come with a sharp needle?!), before I'm letting myself really dive into anything new. I've already got a half-way taken apart bench that I want to reupholster and the start to another beaded bracelet lying around my room.

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