Sunday, July 10, 2011

T-shirt Blanket: Pittsburgh Blanket Edition.

The Pittsburgh blanket is done! After my shower curtain debacle, I needed something to boost my spirits. Also, this has just been waiting to be finished.

The original plan was to do a square pattern on the back with a Steelers fabric, a Pirates fabric, and a Penguins fabric. Then it was discovered that the Pens don't license their logo for fabric. The option then could have been to use generic hockey sticks, but that wasn't worth it. So then it was just the Steelers and Pirates. And then the Pirates fabric order was canceled. So, moving on, the Pirate fabric was swapped for black Steelers fabric because yellow fabric squares were already cut, and something to cut squares out of at this point was needed.

I'd say it turned out just fabulously.

After sewing the Steeler squares, I sewed the t-shirts and Steelers, right sides together. I left a one-square wide gap, and turned the blanket out. I then did a blind stitch on the gap.

I had wanted to do a couple of stitches through the blanket (from the front to back, but in the middle of the blanket) so as to keep the blanket from spinning around. Every black shirt corner matched to the dead center of a yellow Steeler square though. I like using black thread because I feel it's less conspicuous. So I just left it.

Ah, success. For the front, check here. And my sewing/creating ability is back :)

AND, to top it off, I used some of the extra Steeler fabric, cut out the decal, and BAM!

I finished my last two onesies, as one baby mama and one baby daddy are Steeler fans. I love a good two-for one.

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