Friday, July 15, 2011


This has nothing to do with creating. Well, as I should be packing for my impending move, it has nothing to do with working, either. Procrastination!

Moving always gets me a little excited. Sure, I'm annoyed at the packing, not being able to find anything, and the huffing and puffing. But I love going through all of my stuff and keep everything, necessitating the super cute organization baskets sort through the necessary and unnecessary. Moving also makes me [falsely] believe that I can paint. I am dying for the day that I can paint. Alas, I am in the cycle of post-college yearly apartment hopping, so I'll just dream for now.

And start mood boards.

I started with a quiz, from one of my all-time obsessions, Ikea. Turns out I'm a Scandinavian Natural. Huzzah!

I'm liking this.

So I created a bit of a living room. I wanted to work with two of my favorite pieces, and really, that's all I'm working with. The picture is a canvas print of a picture my sister took of my grandpa's pond in Michigan. I've gotten a few done since then, and I highly recommend Canvas Pop. I've gotten another print for my bathroom and two prints on flat canvas (so the picture wasn't wrapped around the wood frame) for my hallways. And we've sent more of my sister's awesome photography skills to be mounted for my grandma's wall. Really - they do a great job, and I'm constantly wondering what I can get printed next. 

The other piece is a buffet table used as a TV stand. It's bamboo, and it was found on an AWESOME sale. I'm talking $200 for a $900 piece. I love furniture outlets. Also, it's just super pretty, no?

And then I mashed some colors.

I'm going to have to work on the colors. I was pulling from Word, and it's a little difficult. I like the blue and charcoal, but I couldn't make a decent brown, and the middle purple/blue accent color is just not right. I was shooting for the color of the cloud in the middle of the pond picture. If anyone has a suggestion of that color, please share :)

Until then, I'll be dream-painting and decorating my imaginary future house.


  1. you should put the pictures in photoshop or any paint editing software and use the eyedropper to get it more exact

  2. i would concur, except that i don't have photoshop and therefore my options are limited to, well, word. it is sadkins.

  3. you can download gimp fo free!

  4. you might need to hold my hand - the site looked shady!


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