Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dresser: finished!

It's been a long time coming. About a month and a half, actually. I finished this guy about two weeks ago, but with my impending move, it wasn't worth the effort to take him back up to my bedroom, so he stood empty in the garage for a week. Waiting. He was so excited to get his drawers in him, he could barely stand it! Okay, maybe that was me.


Doesn't he look fabulous?! Don't pay attention to his side  decor of moving boxes, or the piles of stuff without homes on his top. I love his deep brown, his nice new hardware, and, most of all, that this was a $35 project, and an entirely new dresser. My dad didn't even recognize it, and this was his dresser for maybe 15 years.
Sidenote: it's come to my attention that I may not be able to take straight pictures.

I got all of my hardware and paint at Wal-Mart. I usually like to avoid the Wally World, but, due to a flat tire on a Sunday in northern Michigan, I was left to wander the local Wal-Mart for an hour while the tire was fixed. This gave me the time to browse the paint and hardware options, with literally nothing else to do. I used the Alno Inc Traditional 1.2" Brass Knobs in Satin Nickel and the Liberty Satin Nickel 3" Square Foot Pulls. Each came in a set of two, rounding that total to roughly $12. I picked up a spray primer in a deep red/brown/rust color, and about 4 cans of a dark brown spray paint. I can't remember the specifics on the spray paint, but I know I have a leftover bottle packed in some box somewhere. 

The work on the body of the dresser was infinitely easier than the drawers. I borrowed my dad's hand sander, which was a major upgrade from when I did the drawers by hand. Using an 80-grade sandpaper, I sanded off the thick coats of gloss and got the dresser down to his particle-boards and trim skeleton. Then I painted. Easy as that. I let each coat dry for a day, mainly because I would do a coat after work, and wanted to give the full two hours between coats, but didn't want to stay in my paint clothes, delay a shower, and delay going to bed every night. I wasn't in dire need of my clothing to be in a dresser, so I let it space out. I did maybe 5 coats, and i don't know if that was because that is what the dresser wanted, or because I'm a sub-par spray-painter. I need to work on standing a bit further away, I know that much.

And for a shot of nostalgia, here's the before, in my bedroom in Columbus before moving out. Goodbye, glossy-fake-wood-grain and ugly hardware!

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