Saturday, July 30, 2011

Braided Hexnut Bracelet (and a safety precaution?)

So. I have to go to El Paso. I shouldn't have feed my curiosity with more google searches. I should have left it at 'don't go out alone.' I should've told my coworker to not elaborate when he said that he was stationed at the border for a few months. I should not have ready the line about El Paso bordering Juarez, also known as 'the most dangerous city outside of a declared war zone.' WHAT?!

Anyway. I saw this on pinterest:

And in spirit of the the pinterest challenge on Young House Love (and on Bower Power and over at Emily Henderson's and on Making a House a Home), and the ball of twine sitting on my desk, staring at me, and refusing to be put away until I attempted my project, I did it:

You like my cute jammie shorts? Yeah, I wore them 80% of today.

But it was SUPER easy. I cut three pieces of twine just shy of 3 feet long. I gave myself an inch of slack, and tied a knot. Then I braided. I did about an inch and a half, and then just before crossing the string on the far left over, I added a hexnut. This is where is gets a little (and by little, I mean a teency bit) difficult. The string then started to like to flop around, but that's nothing I couldn't solve by hooking the string around my toes to keep it steady. I kept adding a hexnut on the left, crossing that string over, then adding a hexnut to the right, and crossing it back over, braiding the hexnuts in until I was out of hexnuts. And then I braided some more. I braided until the end of the twine, and knotted it off. I then wrapped it around my wrist, decided where I wanted it to lay, and unraveled some braided so as to make the bracelet a bit tighter. I then used some superglue and glued the ends of the twine to a jewelry clasp (so that the bracelet doesn't just tie on). It's one of the clasps that you lay the ribbon in and squeeze it close with pliers - the superglue is just for some extra securing because it is twine. The clasp also has the piece where you can adjust the length (you know, like the clip on one side and the loops on the other), so I can play around with the slack. And voila! A project totaling $0, as I had everything lying around. If I would have bought it all, here's my estimated breakdown:

  • Twine: Ace Hardware: $4
  • 17 Hexnuts (that's how many I had on hand): Walmart: $2 (I got mine in a pack with some 3/4 #8 screws)
  • Superglue: $3
  • Jewelry clasp: JoAnn's: $2.44 (here's the exact ones)

Cheap?! YES!

And the best (and maybe weirdest) part? I figure that I can wear it in El Paso, and if it comes to it (hoping against hope), I can use it as a brass knuckles sort of deal. Maybe that's a little too out there. But I'm way scared. Way way scared.

So, here's some cheery photos - look at Bruce, loving his humid climate:

And did you see the baby traps at the bottom? Does he know we have little flea flies? They're so cute!

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