Sunday, June 12, 2011

T-shirt Blanket: Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

T-shirt blanket: Pittsburgh edition.

While making Veronica's beast of a blanket (I mentioned that thing was over 7 feet tall, right?!), Zach mused that it would be cool to make a blanket out of his Pittsburgh shirts one day. As Zach has no real ability in sewing, his musings were really just a dropping of hints. So I gave in, because taking on projects is what I like to do.

Making a boy's t-shirt blanket is much easier than a girl's blanket. You don't have the strange jersey material that's thinner, the shirts aren't cut to emphasize the waist, and everything is just a nicer square. I did the front of Zach's blanket in one afternoon.

All of the shirts were cut to the same size, to match that Pirate's shirt in the bottom right corner. Not all matched perfectly due to holes and shirt sleeve positioning, but it's about a 73" square blanket.

On the back, I'm going to do a quilt of Steelers and Pirates fleece. Unfortunately, the Penguins don't license their logo for fleece, so they'll be left out.

I set Zach to cutting 11" squares for the back:

Those aren't my man hands!
I'll head out to JoAnn's sometime soon after he finishes cutting and determine how much more I need. The finished product should be up by July!

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