Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dresser Revamp.

After a week of training in Atlanta, I was itching to get back to some of my projects. I had started redoing my dresser the weekend before I left, and even though I wasn't around to stare at my piles of clothes that were once housed in my drawers, it was driving me nuts.

I'm horrible at remembering the before pictures, so here's the before on the drawers. See that lovely fake wood gloss? Gross. I took out the old hardware and filled in the holes with wood filler because my new pulls didn't match up with the holes.

You'll never see these again. You're welcome.

Then, the hard part: sanding. I sanded five of the drawers by hand using P80 on that lovely particleboard face and P120 on the edges.

So now to tackle the beast. 
As I'm sanding away, Zach pokes his head and says, "Why are you sanding that by hand?"
"Uh, how else do you suggest?"
"Where's your sander?"
"I don't have a sander."
"Your dad does."

What?! I got the sandpaper from my dad the last weekend I was home, and he fetched the sandpaper, knew I was redoing my dresser, and didn't mention that he had a power hand sander?!

My mum's response when I called to ask about the forgotten detail: "hahahahahah, I didn't even think to mention it!"


So. This dresser project is to be continued... after I fetch the sander.

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