Monday, June 13, 2011

3D Picture.

I was at a loss as to what to do for my dad for Father's Day. I feel he always gets the shaft. Father's Day is in the summer, so it's past the point where us children know the days of the week, and it's in June, always sneaking up on us. This year, my two sisters and I are taking my Dad skydiving on the Saturday before as his 50th birthday present. (Note: I'm staring to feel like peeing my pants. All the time). I wanted to do something else as well, just because. The skydiving is serious, the ice cream we'll probably get him on Sunday is sweet, so this needed to be wonky. Behold, the 3D picture:

I chose to combine three pictures into one. The alternative approach is to use one picture and to make a few layers out of it. I didn't have a picture that had good background with different aspects to layer and a good shot of my parents and sisters (and, more important, Tasha). I made two copies of my parents next to a tree (both 5x7), one of my sisters (5x7), and one of our littlest sister, Tasha (4x6).

Next I cut around one of the shapes of my parents, the shape of my sisters, and the shape of Tasha using my cross stitch and fabric scissors and an exact-o knife, depending on the area and the sharpness of the scissors. Be sure to leave the overall background in tact (the extra 5x7 of my parents in this case).

I used a bit of foam 3M mounting tape to add the shapes (you mean the tape that is strong enough to rip down a hunk of drywall from my dorm? Yup, that one). I lined the cut out of my parents on top of the picture that was to be the background.

 I repeated the process, mounting the back of my sisters and Tasha with a bit of the foam 3M mounting tape.

 I repeated the process for my sisters and Tasha. Can you see the 3-D effect?

Huzzah! A 3D picture with the family for Father's Day. I kept the glass in the picture frame, not sure if it takes away from the picture or not. I considered using a shadow box, but couldn't find one under at 10x10 inch size at Target, and, well, this was too last minute to keep looking. I may decide to take out the glass later, but for now, I think it works.

Now I need to work on a portrait that will include all of our animals.

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