Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phone Case Splurge.

I don't know what got into me last night. I was packing and preparing for a week of travel to my grandparent's and to home, done with what I could do on my sister's blanket, and then I got the idea that I could finish four phone/ipod cases for my sisters and mum. I had other things to do - sleep to catch up on, packing, cleaning, and preparation for teaching a pre-K class all day tomorrow. But i decided that I could do it quickly and then accomplish something else. My mum has been wanted a case for her ipod and phone for little bit now.

I was already sick of the machine from my sister's blanket and looking forward to a break, but here we are - I can't wait to give them to everyone tomorrow!

I wish I could give a detailed tutorial, but I forgot to take pictures.
  • Two of the cases are made from cutting pieces of identical length and width and sewing them together. I'm not very precise and just measured by laying my phone on the fabric and flipping it side by side three times. You want the fabric to be as long as three phones, with a little extra on all the edges so as to fold and sew and get crisp edges that won't be able to fray. I ironed down a very small piece so the edge would be a fold. I'm not very good at measuring - I don't have the patience. I would estimate it was about a quarter-inch. Then with the folds in, I sewed along one of the shorter edges (the width of the fabric), which would be the edge of the pocket. I then folded the fabric so as to create the pocket and sewed the three sides.
  • The other two were made from one piece of fabric. Instead of having two pieces, I just had one piece the length of flipping my phone down it six times. I then folded it in half, and tucked in the cut edges for crisp sides and no fraying. You don't have to sew the edge of the pocket in this step because it's a fold. So then you fold the folded edge of the width up to create a pocket and sew the three outer edges. In both cases, the bottom of the pocket is a fold, and isn't sewn. 
  • I bought clasps at Jo-Ann's and sewed them on by hand. Voila! A little protection and cute and easy way to find your phone fast in a bag full of too many things.

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  1. I want one of these too!! I have a new samsung Galaxy that doesn't fit in my old case so it just gets carried around now and so afraid.... I love that you are so into sewing. I miss you bunches. Thanks for sharing on here.


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