Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jersey Bracelets.

I. am. obsessed. with these bracelets. They are SO easy to make and look awesome. Just awesome.

Horrible picture, but super cute, right?! And it's all a weaving technique, so it's more like a boxy braid than a regular braid. I did the 2-finger technique on from this tutorial. The only piece I didn't understand (and therefore didn't do) was the part about pulling the bottom strip through the slit. I really didn't need to cut slits, because I didn't use them. Maybe I was following the wrong directions. If you like these, skip down to the part where the yellow material is used - you'll be golden.

I can't wait to get more colors and make more. So perfect for summer.

Mary loves her bracelets:


  1. I want one!!!! Those are super cute.

  2. Thanks, Sam! Love my bracelets!!! And the phone cases are adorable! Keep on Crafting my friend!


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