Wednesday, April 27, 2011

T-shirt Blanket.

I'm debating over the spelling of t-shirt. Tee shirt? t-shirt? T-shirt? T-Shirt? So, if we can agree to disagree, or at least agree that I don't understand the origin or how to spell tee shirt, we'll continue.

Behold! My first T-shirt blanket! This one is of my shirts, and is a hodge-podge of shirts. It could be so much bigger, but I have a compulsive eradicating gene from my mother, and then routinely go through shirts and donate them. So I'm bummed that none of my soccer shirts are in the blanket. Alas, I have a twin-sized blanket that smells like me (in a good way!) and I can tell a story with.

Since this first blanket, I've made one for my boyfriend, a huge one for my boyfriend's brother, one for my former boss, and I have helped on my sister's and one for my sister's friend. I'm about to start another for my sister (shhh - secrets)!

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