Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is sort of cheating. I made this ceramic Cheerio box in my senior year of college. The project just asked for a replication of a grocery-store item at a one-foot scale, but a ceramic replica made no sense to me. It had to have a purpose, so I left the top open in the hopes of using it as a vase. I love Cheerios, so the item to replicate was a natural choice, and I like a whimsical touch when possible. And so here we are: 

I can't imagine this being possibly or financially feasible outside of college. I looked up classes the other day because I enjoyed the class in college, and six classes go for about $600. What?! So I guess I'll settle for just painting ceramics rather than making as well. It's a shame because though I glazed the inside of the box with a glaze mixed by my then teacher that would work for making it into a vase, I noticed some discoloration, though very minor, after the flowers and water had been inside for a little bit. I would like to fix it.

So I guess this isn't actually a vase just yet. Maybe I should get some fake or dried flowers. 

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