Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phone Case.

I made this some time ago, but as I'm documenting, I might as well catch up. 

I am pretty rough on my phones. I've dropped it in a bucket of soapy water, I don't know how many steps I've sent it tumbling, it's jumped out off of dressers and chairs and all sort of furniture, and until I was caught in a freak Ohio rainstorm, my baby Shine was my champion. All good things come to an end.

My upgrade was long overdue (I was really attached to the Shine), so I went in and asked for the cheapest phone. I figured a smartphone may be in my future as I entered the real world, but I couldn't afford one at the time, so I just need a stopgap. In the meantime though, I vowed to take better care of the phone. Though I'm not a big fan of it and it's not my baby, I need to care for it like I should have my Shine.

So I whipped up a case. Shockingly, this guy's suffered less tumbles!

It's super easy to make. It's one pieces of fabric, folded in half. I measured it out by measuring out around my phone, leaving enough room on each side of a sewing the stitch, and for the phone to move in and out with ease. This was tripled, so, in essence, a brochure of fabric was made. I then folded in the edges on each side by 1/4 inch so the edges were hemmed. I then ironed the piece so the edges were crisp (and the hem stayed in while sewing).  I then folded the piece over to make an envelope for the phone. I then sewed along the outer edge, on the three sides. The clasp is hand-sewn. 

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