Monday, February 21, 2011


I went to visit my youngest sister, and as she is the least crafty of the bunch (she will not take offense, no worries), she eagerly told my mum and i that she a dance was approaching for her sorority (and she needed mum to go dress shopping) and she would need a mask, as it was a masquerade (and i would need to help make the mask). I wasn't too optimistic as we had not prepared for the craftiness of this, but one trip to Walmart later, we had enough lace, ribbon, glitter paint and feather for two masks (as her roommate would also acquire assistance). I am very proud of these and wish I could myself wear them around, but, alas, that is not socially acceptable. So this poor quality picture will have to do to immortalize my masks, as I made my sister sent a phone picture before they will undoubtedly be ruined at the sorority dance (though she was quite thoughtful in giving them a solid background for the photographs).


Here's my sister and her roommate and sorority sister in their masks:

Awesome, no?!

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