Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jewelry Tree.

I cannot take full credit for this. My sister originally made this for me. She made one for me a year ago, and it had the cutest fabric on the bottom. The sticks on that one were flimsy, and I asked her to fix it, but that required making a new one. I got a new one for Christmas, but, sadly, there was no fun fabric covering the wood plank base. All I can take credit for is the decoration.

The jewelry tree is made with a wood plank base. In this case, a 2x4. Two holes are drilled into the plank. Then, sticks are gathered. She dropped some hot glue down each hole then shoved the twig in. Hot glue was used to make the frame of the jewelry tree, as well. I covered the base with tan linen leftover from hemming my curtains. I added two ribbon bows for flair. A mesh ribbon was added for my earring studs to poke through. The colorful strip is a strip of a canvas print I had made of a sunset, and holds hair clips.

i love this because it's unique every time.

The creepy eyes in the bottom corner are from a dog with a large tail as a ring holder, another Christmas present. I can't stop staring.

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